Zep Tepi Studio
Guerrilla Recording at its finest in Denver, Colorado

Recording your Imagination
Our moderately sized main recording room has ample space to accommodate a full band. Everyone gets to play in the same space while still maintaining instrument isolation.
Experience Matters
with over 20 years in the industry, you can be confident your sound and vision will come alive.
Multiple Formats
Recording is primarily done directly into Avid ProTools. Although often overlooked by today’s clients, analog 16 track reel-to-reel recording is still available upon special request. Additional charges may apply.
It’s all about the music
We are as passionate about your music as you are. Our engineers listen to and then apply your ideas, crafting each piece individually.
Preparation is key
We are with you the entire way from conception to print. Call us with your pre production questions, we will be sure to answer every query to the fullest. Work out all the parts. Rehearse more songs than you plan to record because some material will sound stronger than others in the final mix.
Recording Process
Remember, it is all about emotion and feeling that create the best takes, not necessarily the best technical rendition. Keep your mind on the focus of the music and spend the most time on those parts.
Mixing/Mastering and Media
We provide quality recording, mixing, and mastering services. Through our partnership with Disc Makers, we also offer full replication and duplication with digital distribution through iTunes, Spotify, and many more.

Thomas Freeman
Engineer, Producer, generally nice guy

Denver, Colorado
Email booking@zeptepistudio.com
Phone (303) 335-8819